T8 Isothermal Diagnostics Instrument

The Axxin T8 Isothermal instrument is a highly flexible bench-top and field deployable platform designed to provide quantitative and qualitative results for molecular diagnostic isothermal assay applications.

T8-ISO Instrument

Fast Scan Rate. Low Cost. Field Deployable.

Multi-Channel Detection

Modular Optical Detection System

2 Channel Fluorescence Detection per Tube

Advanced Sensitivity

Advanced Optical Detection Method

Low Target Analyte Amplification Technology

Efficient Throughput

8 Sample Wells, x1 Row of 8

10 Second Scan Time per Row

Touch Navigation

Touch Screen Navigation

Simple Easy to Use Interface

Real Time Result Calling

Complex Algorithm Development

Real Time 'in-test' Result Calling

Flexible Workflow

Customisable Workflow for variable Assay Specs

Configurable Settings: Time, Temperature, Channels and more


Connectivity over LAN or WiFi

Laboratory Information System (LIS) Compatible

Balanced Design

Lower Cost Modular Design, Higher Performance Scanning

Run Standalone as Field Deployable Point of Care Instrument

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