AX-2X-S Kinetic Designer Software

Powerful Research Tool. Flexible Configuration Management

(For Research Use Only)

Real Time Kinetic Analysis

Visualise Real Time Kinetic Analysis during Test Development

Interpret Critical Assay Development Information with ease

Workflow Management

Full Control of Assay Protocol Design

Development Extensive Workspace Suite of Assay Test Types

Assay Protocol Design

Detailed Result Calling Algorithm Development

Observe Instant Test Result Changes with in-built Re-Analyse Features

Extensive Export Options

Export CSV Data File with Full Test Result Output Information

Review Printed Test Formats for Field Use

AX-2X-S Kinetic Viewer Software

Result Management Tool. Large Data Set Organisation.

Test Result Organisation

Dedicated Software Tool to Organise Test Result Sets

Manage Large Data Sets from an entire Fleet of Instruments

Simple, Fast Result Navigation

Navigate through Mass Data Sets Quickly and Efficiently

Simple Layout for Simple User Interpretation

In-Depth Development Understanding

Highlight Single Test Results for pin point Understanding

Rapid Identification of Targeted Test Results

Further Algorithm Review

Additional Feedback for User Algorithm Development

Enhance Result Calling Accuracy and Minimise False Reads