AX-2X-S Lateral Flow Reader

The Axxin AX-2X-S instrument is a portable, highly flexible, and easy to use rapid testing instrument platform designed to provide quantitative or qualitative results for visible colorimetric or fluorescent immunoassays.

The instrument can be operated in Standalone mode or in Kinetic Designer mode via connected laptop.

AX-2X-S Instrument

Simple. Fast. Accurate.

Variable Modes

Immediate Read or Workflow Mode

Visual or Fluorescent Configuration

High Sensitivity

Extremely Low Limit of Detection (LOD)

Superior Sensitivity Compared to Human Eye


Simultaneous Result Calling up to 5 Lines per Analysis

Quantitative Result Calling Capabilities

Touch Navigation

Touch Screen Navigation

Simple User Interface

Rapid Result Calling

Repeated Read Mode

True Walk-Away Mode

Configurable Tray

Adaptable Cartridge Insertion Bay

Customisable to existing Customer design


Connectivity over LAN or WiFi

Laboratory Information System (LIS) Compatible

Ergonomic Design

Field Deployable Unobtrusive Design

Low Power Consumption, Battery Pack Optional