Axxin Platform Design

Axxin provides platforms and diagnostic products for biomedical applications that bridge the gap from chemistry to market with world leading innovation, capability and cost effectiveness. The Axxin Cubic™ platform provides a turn-key integrated solution to hardware and software for medical and bio-medical instrument solutions.

The company's goal is to take the cost and complexity out of point of care diagnostics and near patient applications. The company has extensive experience in instrument design, industrial design, and sensor technologies and has applied these to molecular and lateral flow medical device point of care applications.

Axxin has developed their unique Axxin Cubic™ platform technology that enables low cost, high sensitivity hand held and bench top readers capable of delivering complex test sequences in a wide variety of applications. Axxin's technology provides a scalable system where components can be added or upgraded in the future. These systems have a high degree of software functionality. This approach allows system upgrades to be implemented quickly and allows the equipment to support customer requirements throughout the life of the system.

Our Services

Axxin was founded in 2007 as a Biomedical Design and Development Company focused on product design using leading edge processor and interface technology. Axxin’s outstanding team of Engineers provide all of the services required to design, develop, test and transfer to manufacture your medical device. Axxin’s experienced team has in excess of 50 years of product design, development and manufacturing expertise in high technology products for worldwide markets.

Axxin’s company systems are ISO 13485 compliant and its internal product quality control processes, procedures and capabilities ensures the manufacturing and installation of quality and reliable products with long operational life cycles.

Electronics Design

Design Management, Schematic Design, Multilayer PCB Design, High Frequency Data Bus PCB Design, CAD Design and Package Integration, Embedded Systems, Biosensor Design and Integration, Advanced SoC Design, Analogue, Wireless & Networking Design and Integration, Multimedia design, and IP Video

Software Development

Software Architecture and Design, Software Validation & Verification, User Interface Development, Embedded WinXP and WinCE Development, Embedded C Firmware Development, C#, C++ Development including .NET Framework, ASP, .NET Server Applications and APIs, Database Design and Integration

Manufacturing Management

Design for Test and Manufacture, Procurement Management including Supplier Evaluation, Bill of Materials Life Cycle Management, Test Fixture Design and Development, Test Rig Development for Volume Manufacturing, Quality Assurance Management, Engineering and Production Support

Design and Development Services

Product Consulting including detailed Specifications, Concept and Feasibility Assessment, Product Requirements Capture and Analysis, R&D Lifecycle Services, Prototyping and Proof of Concept, Advanced Testing Expertise for Standards Certification, Design for Test and Manufacture, Program Management

Manufacturing, Documentation and Systems Control

Axxin operates a Quality Management System in Compliance with ISO 13485 Standards, and includes the following Modules for Design and Manufacturing Management: Parts Register including BOM management, Documentation Control Register, Service and Repair Module, Corrective Action Module, Shipping Module, Project Design Module

Project Management

Axxin provides full Scope Professional Project Management Services with Dedicated Team Members Assigned to Individual Projects.


The Axxin Cubic™ platform provides highly scalable instrument solutions. The power to run complex instruments, from portable pocket sized USB devices through to laboratory based systems for R&D use through to Clinical applications. All of these delivered with the same, very low cost of manufacture and next generation capabilities.

Axxin provides powerful graphical user interface in simple easy to use workflow format through to scripting control for research. Scripting is a powerful concept providing detailed control and sequencing of the instrument down to subsystem level allowing detailed workflow implementation. This allows the R&D user in addition to the clinical user to extract detailed information on biology processes. Scripting capability provides separation between customer defined workflows from the general platform technology. Axxin provides a scripting compiler that allows the user to modify and prepare new scripts including test and development scripts and new workflows.

Point of Care Approach

The major benefits of the Axxin PoC approach are:

• Flexible Platform suitable for a range of applications.

• Low cost scalable design with proven hardware and software modules.

• Rapid analysis and presentation of results leading to earlier diagnosis

• Easy to Use in Clinical and Physician settings requiring minimal training.

• High level of accuracy, specificity and sensitivity.

• Reduced development time and cost enabling fast time to market.

• Accurate and 'information rich' diagnostic information.

• Adaptable to a variety of immunoassay and molecular formats.

Software Platforms

Axxin's provides a range of software systems capability to support their Point of Care and Bio-Appliance applications. Each of the software systems provides a flexible and rich array of features for implementation into your environment and can be tailored to each application.

Intelligent User Interfaces

• Simple and Easy to Use - Clinical or POL settings

• Managed Workflow - Preparation to Result

• Multiplexed Testing - Increase throughput

• Qualitative and Quantitative Results

• On Screen Data entry - no keyboard required

• Multilingual Support

• Multimedia Support for Training

• Manuals on line - Adobe pdf format or HTML

• Complete system status in easy to read format

Client Server Architecture

• Rich Client / Server Architecture support

• Web Server incorporated into instrument

• Communications - Ethernet / Wifi / USB

• Remote Diagnostics and Instrument Status

• Remote Log files for maintenance support

• Remote Software Updates

• Published Data Interfaces for LIS Support

• Manage Software Releases and Instrument Functions

• Managed licensing system

Laboratory Information System Support

• Flexible Open Database Support

• “Business Object“ Driven Database

• Bi-directional communications

• ASTM 1394 standards incorporated

• XML Data Interfaces

• Powerful Data Export

• QA Level Reporting

• Encryption of sensitive data