Axxin Cloud

Instrument Management

Data Surveillance

Remote result Access

Axxin Cloud Solutions

Axxin Cloud is a client-server system which provides a cloud based solution to data and instrument management for Axxin instruments.

Major benefits include:

• Synchronise test data from multiple instruments to cloud storage or dedicated server.

• View the status of each instrument at a glance

• View details of individual test results from centralised locations

• Analyse test result trends and hotspots in real time

• View geographic summaries of instruments and test results

Axxin Cloud

Instrument Management

Instruments at a glance

Software Configuration Details

QC Status

Instrument metrics

Results Overview

View individual test results

Sort / Filter options

Detailed test information

Strip image & histogram views

Export & print options

Data Surveillance

Geographic mapping

Trend & Pattern analysis

Hot spot display

Detailed chart & data export options

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