Axxin Careers

Axxin is a dynamic technology company known for its casual, team-oriented work environment. We provide opportunities for technical career growth to all employees. If you’re looking for a career at an extraordinary company in an exciting field, Axxin is the place for you!

Current Opportunities

To inquire about other opportunities, please submit your resume and cover letter in pdf format to

Axxin is an equal opportunity employer.

Our Employees

Why do our employees enjoy working at Axxin? Some of the reasons may include:

• Axxin truly cares about its employees and their families.

• Flexible hours and the ability to gain additional vacation

• Team based environment

• World Class R&D

• Wide variety of innovative products and technologies

• Exposure to Customers

• New facilities designed specifically for advanced medical device development.

• Technically and professionally challenging work for creative people

• Ethical standards

Company Values

Axxin culture is a critical part of running our company. At Axxin, culture spans the values, beliefs and assumptions that guide our work with customers, partners and each other. Expressions of our culture are rooted in Axxin's fundamental values. These are part of our company's "cultural DNA," including:


We develop clever solutions that enable our customers to be more competitive.

Trust & Teamwork

We value the individual, the personal dignity of each person and the recognition of personal contributions. We believe that people want to excel and can do so if they have the right tools, clear objectives and effective coaching.

Engineering Excellence

We provide high quality products that perform to specification for their in-service life.


We insist on the highest standards of business conduct, and we deal openly and promptly with issues as they arise so that we earn and keep our customer’s and partners trust.

Shareholder Value

We act responsibly, provide consistent and superior returns to shareholders.